AFS Adhesives Limited began life as Maple Adhesives, supplying wallcovering pastes and glues to the trade in the early 1970’s.  Maple was later acquired by Ward Bekker Sales Limited and in 2012 became known as AFS Morecambe Ltd.  Over our 40 plus year history, we grew rapidly and built up an excellent relationship with our many loyal customers.  In 2017, AFS Adhesives Ltd became a member of the independent Corzak Group of UK adhesive companies.

Today we are the premier UK manufacturer of private label adhesives supplied exclusively to the contract and trade wallcovering industry.

Our mission is to supply own-labelled specially formulated adhesives to manufacturers of all types of contract materials.  Our unrivalled products are designed to bond in place every imaginable wallcovering material from the heavy non-woven backed wide-width vinyl wallcoverings to the very lightweight paper-backed products.  We are happy to supply our adhesives in any size of packaging that you specify.


In order to meet your own requirements, we have a comprehensive range of well-proven products and we also tailor-make adhesives to meet all kinds of specific and demanding applications.  Our experienced, dedicated team of technical staff have many years’ experience in this field, and are ready and waiting to solve your adhesive requirements - however unusual or challenging.  We are true innovators and are constantly investigating unique ways to offer you new concepts and ideas in order to help improve your profitability and to meet your changing requirements.

If you are looking for a top class new adhesive supplier, why not call our friendly team of dedicated professionals now?  We will happily arrange for one of our technical sales staff to visit you to discuss your requirements in detail.

AFS Adhesives Ltd - the UK’s pre-eminent, quality supplier of wallcovering adhesives, supplied in your own special logo, labelling and choice of packaging. 

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